Happy birthday CILN!

Image credit: CC-0 by Christopher Martyn on Unsplash

CILN is rapidly approaching its first birthday, and if anything the amount of energy, activity and enthusiasm it is generating from across the Cambridge community is higher than ever before! Many of the original eight ‘strands’ of the project have completed their work, but in their place we have new strands, new projects, and new initiatives, many leading on directly from what was achieved in our first year. Below are just a few highlights of what you might expect from CILN in Year 2:

  • The launch of CamGuides for Undergraduates – a pre-arrival course for undergraduates starting at the University of Cambridge in October 2019, and designed to support their transition to higher education at this university
  • The design and collection of teaching templates and plans, bringing together and sharing ideas, experience and knowledge, and reflecting how we are developing together as a library teacher community
  •  The launch of a Teacher Librarian course, designed to introduce library staff to key pedagogical theories, practical ideas and guidance for teaching and assessing learning effectively and ethically
  • The development of multidisciplinary Critical Thinking workshops by college library staff
  • The development of a plan to assess and review online resources like CamGuides for Master’s students
  • The revision of the Information Literacy framework, informed by everything we have done in our first year

But the main goal for Year 2 will be to make its work ‘business as usual’ – something which is sustainable and active and just an everyday part of the Cambridge University libraries landscape.


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