Keeping on Keeping on

A keeping-in-touch day for Cambridge Librarians in a week of many, many other updates and information provision. A video of the afternoon will be forthcoming….


A quick overview of ‘all the things’ CILN has achieved through the huge commitment by library staff across the University was provided to start with. We’ve completed BIG projects like CamGuides for Undergraduates launched in August, and the 9 month blended learning Teaching Course, with its first cohort starting in September. We’ve successfully looked at ways of improving support for Natural Sciences and collaborated with Manchester on a Critical Reading Workshop. More about lesson templates below, And much more besides.


Looking forward to 2019-2020 we have a lot of settling, embedding and establishing to do. This is going to be hard for us all – it’s not as ‘exciting’ and obviously revolutionary. But unless we do this bit of the work we will just have been a flash in the pan and all the work will quietly be forgotten. So the next year is a challenge – a challenge to become established and understood. We would love everyone to be involved in small ways going forward, not least of which is to understand how to get ourselves onto the learning journey about what Information Literacy means for us, and for our students.

Impact of CamGuides

It’s an enormous challenge for us to demonstrate the impact of our CamGuides resources. Catherine Reid suggested some ways for us to do this, and with some useful ethics documents on gathering information created by David Marshall, we are promoting some options for gathering information on impact. Helen Murphy was given a blank canvas for a recent visit by Sutton Trust students and re-used sections of the CamGuides for Undergraduates course to develop a teaching session for them.

Understanding how we teach

Clare Trowell and her team in 2018-2019 have been working at creating a template lesson plan based on the Backwards Design methodology, with thanks to Alison Hicks training. Clare’s potted history of education theories, recommendations for how to write learning objectives and showing some examples of staff using the template demonstrate that CILN is addressing some of the perceived issues that were raised over two years ago by many library staff.

Using Sharepoint

Laura Moss has organised all our documents into Sharepoint. Worst problem with Sharepoint? Finding your way to the right site! Laura demo’ed how she got there (not quite what I do, but there are many roads to the same place….) so hopefully we can all reach the same place and get to the same resources.

And finally… for ourselves

What IS Information Literacy? What DO the competencies in our Framework actually mean? What do they mean for you? For your students?  For your academics? We’re hoping to run a [23] Things style of online course with varied pathways in 2019 via the LiT programme. We would love to see everyone engage with this!

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