The Framework Five

The Framework Five is a self-directed online course which is designed to introduce any staff working in Cambridge University Libraries both to the Cambridge Information Literacy framework, and to some of the information literacy skills that we all need professionally or personally. It’s for all staff across our library community, not just those who work in teaching roles, or with students, or even in front-line positions. Everyone is welcome, and everyone will gain something from the experience.

Launching in February 2020, and taking place over 14 weeks, the Framework Five will consist of just five blog posts, with tasks to complete based on those posts. You can complete the whole course, or dip in and out as you wish, and the blog posts will be scheduled* to make sure that you have plenty of time to complete the tasks. Visit our FAQ page for more detailed information, as well as the opportunity to register your interest in the course.

Thing 1: What is Information Literacy? (coming Monday 3 February 2020)

Thing 2: Resource Discovery (Monday 17 February 2020)

Thing 3: Critical Assessment (Monday 9 March 2020)

Thing 4: Managing Information (Monday 30 March 2020)

Thing 5: Creation and Communication (Monday 20 April 2020)

*Please note, if a link does not work before a Thing’s launch date, it isn’t live yet! If it should be live, get in touch so we can fix it.

The course is a joint project between CILN and Librarians in Training, and is being run by George Cronin, Laura Moss and Helen Murphy, with input from the CILN and Librarians in Training teams.

The course is loosely based on popular 23 Things style programmes, such as those at the University of Oxford, the DH23Things programme organised by the Digital Humanities Network for Arts and Humanities researchers in Cambridge, as well as the brilliant Cam 23 (Cambridge 23 Things for Librarians) programme.

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